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International Aero Premium Car Care Products
Originally developed for jet aircraft, providing the highest quality and maximum protection available in a complete surface care line.

AERO's line of car care products, originally formulated to protect custom jet aircraft in the most extreme environments on the planet,
pamper your vehicle inside and out - from the highest quality spray-and-wipe detailer to leather conditioner, glass cleaner,
spray wax and ceramic coatings for your cars interior and exterior.

“Our goal is to make the best car care products on the market - period,” says International Aero founder, Jonathan Saltman.
“We developed these formulas to protect polyurethane paint and hand-crafted leather interiors on $100M jets, whether they are
sitting on the tarmac under a scorching 120°F desert sun or flying in sub-freezing -60°F conditions at 50,000 feet at over 500mph. 
From hot rods and sports cars to daily commuters, AERO products offer maximum protection and are incredibly easy to use.”

International AERO began nearly three decades ago when Jonathan began detailing airplanes at an airfield near his home in Long Beach, California. 
As the business grew he opened a local car wash and detailing center, where he began to develop new ideas and formulas for cleaners
and surface care products. Over the years the company grew to become one of the largest private airplane detailers in the world - servicing
Gulfstream among many others at facilities across the globe.

We offer a wide selection of quality tested and approved cleaning, polishing, protective coating, detailing and ceramic coating products
for all of your cars, bikes and boats maintenance needs.



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